Elizabeth Glazer

Elizabeth Glazer is the founder of Vital City. She previously served as the justice advisor to a New York City mayor and a New York governor and earlier as a federal prosecutor.


What is Vital City?

A new venture dedicated to advancing actionable ideas for enduring safety.

Elizabeth Glazer and Greg Berman

Shifting the Center of Gravity: How Civic Life Can Create Safety

Another approach can make a difference.

Elizabeth Glazer

Our First Issue

This first issue of the Vital City policy journal is devoted to gun violence. It is one of the most pressing problems currently confronting New York and other cities, and has become ground zero in the war of ideas and ideologies about what makes us safe.

Elizabeth Glazer and Greg Berman

What to Do About Closing Rikers

In our first special report, public safety veterans Elizabeth Glazer and Michael Jacobson provide a detailed, data-grounded roadmap to close Rikers Island.

Elizabeth Glazer and Michael Jacobson

Boiling the Frog: What is the Way Forward?

It is time to address the problem at Rikers with a different kind of power that has a different durability and a different allegiance.

Elizabeth Glazer

The Fatal Cost of Waiting: What Must Happen Now in the City’s Jails

As conditions continue to spiral out of control on Rikers, the central issue is who can fix the jails and what power is required to make sure the fixes last?

Elizabeth Glazer

When Police Become Our Government

Elizabeth Glazer

Editors' Note: Issue 2

What is “disorder”? And what should we do about it?

Elizabeth Glazer and Greg Berman

Can the City’s Jails Be Fixed? Another Year, Scant Progress

First time tragedy, second time, farce. In 2022, the eighth year of federal oversight, the conditions inside New York City’s jails were both tragedy and farce. Fixing them will take will, exercised without fear or favor.

Elizabeth Glazer

Architecture and Social Change: A Conversation with Jeanne Gang

Connecting people and neighborhoods by design

Elizabeth Glazer

Editors' Note: Issue 3

What makes a city tick?

Elizabeth Glazer and Greg Berman

'Collective Action Can Make a Difference': A Conversation with Robert Sampson

On disadvantage, race and neighborhood vitality

Elizabeth Glazer

What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You

The vacuum of knowledge and the persistence of violence in New York City’s jails

Elizabeth Glazer , Martha King and Sarena Townsend