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New York City Crime and Justice Data 1993 to the Present

These three dashboards, showing historical data on complaints, arrests and shootings from 1993 through 2023, represent Vital City’s first offering in its Data for Everyone project. The purpose of the project is to provide accessible and understandable data about crime, justice and New York City neighborhood life, amalgamating in one place data that are now hard to find and access. Over time, we intend to add information about each stage of the criminal justice process and eventually to geocode key data, allowing readers to search by neighborhood or even block. Vital City is grateful to Arnold Ventures for their interest in and support of this project, and to Luminosity Data Analytics for their wisdom and technical help. This is in beta: The process, including presentation and visualization, is evolving. As always, we welcome your suggestions. Email with any feedback.

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Explore the numbers behind critical public safety concerns, such as jail violence and bigger justice system trends, as well as the data that informed Vital City's journal issues and special reports.