Beyond Enforcement: New Responses to Quality-of-Life Concerns

Can cities find new ways to address disorder?


The Fatal Cost of Waiting: What Must Happen Now in the City’s Jails

As conditions continue to spiral out of control on Rikers, the central issue is who can fix the jails and what power is required to make sure the fixes last?

“There Is a Tendency to Romanticize the Gutter”: The Rebirth of Times Square, Port Authority and Bryant Park – An Oral History

How law enforcement and civic actors worked together to rejuvenate New York City in the 1990s.

What is a Receiver?

The appointment of a receiver is grounded in the federal courts’ powers in equity to make determinations based on principles of fairness, as opposed to rigid application of law.

Fixing New York City's Jails: A Federal Receiver?

The internecine web of laws, rules, and stultifying red tape makes it impossible to resolve the chaos and violence of Rikers.

Boiling the Frog - What is the Way Forward?

It is time to address the problem at Rikers with a different kind of power that has a different durability and a different allegiance.

Brief history and impact of a federal “Transitional Administrator” over juvenile detention in Cook County, IL

Many of the circumstances that led to receivership at the Cook County, IL Juvenile Temporary Detention Center mirror those present in NYC jails.

Issue 1: Gun Violence