Do Anti-Gun Police Teams Work?

Mayor Eric Adams has reassigned hundreds of officers to “Neighborhood Safety Teams” that he says will go after guns and the people who use them.


Overhead daytime shot through a translucent exterior overhang decorated with a grid of light bulbs, some of which are illuminated. Below the panel, people walk in both directions along a crowded city sidewalk.

Gun Violence is THE Crime Problem

Gun violence, and the fear of gun violence, distort the lives of millions of Americans.

Violence and Urban Inequality

The recent rise in violence has been concentrated in areas characterized by poverty and racial segregation.

Closeup of a carnival table with fixed toy pistols aimed toward a wall. Colorful prizes appear on a shelf in the upper left.

“Already in the Trap”: Young New Yorkers on Why They Carry Guns

Street-involved youth feel unprotected by police.

View of a city park and spray fountain as a boy runs along its edge. A low, chain link fence appears in the foreground with tables and benches in the background near a jungle gym.

Stemming Violence by Investing in Civic Goods

Evidence suggests that investments in summer jobs, neighborhood improvements and services can reduce crime.

Issue 1: Gun Violence