Fixing New York City's Jails: A Federal Receiver?

Renowned criminal justice experts will present “Fixing New York City’s Jails: A Federal Receiver?”, a virtual forum to discuss solutions for Rikers Island.a jail system that continues to fail to fulfill its most basic obligations. The forum will feature experts alongside some of the highest-ranking criminal justice officials in New York City, New York state, and across the country.

The event was jointly hosted by the Columbia Justice Lab, Columbia School of Social Work, Columbia Law School, CUNY Institute for State and Local Governance, and Vital City.

The Panelists include:

Teresa Abreu, former Acting Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director/Chief Legal Counsel of the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center

Gladys Carrión, senior fellow, Columbia Justice Lab; former Commissioner, NYC Administration for Children's Services

Zachary Carter, former NYC Corporation Counsel, former U.S. Attorney, Eastern District of NY, and Chairman of the Board of the Legal Aid Society

Illinois State Senator John Curran, former Cook County State's Attorney

Tom Geraghty, former "Next Friend" in the Cook County litigation, Professor of Law and Director Emeritus, Bluhm Legal Clinic, Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law

Liz Glazer, Vital City; former Director, NYC Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice

Michael Jacobson, Executive Director CUNY Institute for State and Local Governance, Professor, Sociology Department CUNY Graduate Center and former Commissioner, NYC Departments of Correction and Probation

Errol Louis, NY1

Stanley Richards, Deputy CEO Fortune Society, former First Deputy Commissioner, NYC Department of Correction, and former Vice-Chair, NYC Board of Correction

Sara Norman, Managing Attorney, Prison Law Office, San Quentin, CA

Vincent Schiraldi, Columbia Justice Lab/School of Social Work; former Commissioner, NYC Departments of Correction and Probation

Ben Wolf, former Legal Director of the ACLU of Illinois, former Director of the ACLU of Illinois' Institutional Reform Project, and lead counsel for the plaintiffs in the Jimmy Doe v. Cook County litigation.

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