Director, Research and Data

Vital City is a new policy venture that provides practical and enduring solutions, deeply rooted in research and evidence, to public safety problems.  We believe that a strong social fabric is the key to public safety.  We seek to shift the debate from one that starts with the police as the default response, necessary though police are, to one that starts with thriving neighborhoods and civic institutions.

Vital City produces a policy journal, original research, short films, public convenings and more.  Through these media, we seek to bring to life the best ideas about how New York and other cities can be healthy, vibrant and safe.  We aim to make these solutions – and the facts and science behind them – accessible to all, as knowledge and debate are the cornerstones of a strong democracy.  The ideas we publish come from a variety of sources, and reflect thinking across the political spectrum.  What ties the ideas together is a commitment to the best of the liberal democratic tradition: belief in progress, a dedication to the collective work of changing society for the better and a commitment to humility, curiosity, and empiricism in the process.

Vital City is looking for a Director of Research and Data (“Director”). The Director will translate and transmit the best ideas to the public and to decision makers in the public sphere.  As a key part of our founding team, the Director will help launch into the public sphere ideas and evidence to improve our civic life.  We are seeking a curious, open-minded, creative, energetic, entrepreneurial and collegial person to develop this key piece of the venture.


The Director will be responsible for developing three areas of activity and building the team, whether Vital City employees or partners, to do the following:

We recognize that this job may attract people from the overlapping worlds of data science and research and their skills may be concentrated more heavily in one area than another.  We encourage all to whom this kind of project is attractive to apply, with the understanding that the Director will build– and have the knowledge and capacity to supervise – a team that consists of Vital City employees and/or contractors with the ability to:

Skills & Qualifications


Technical Skills

Professional Skills

Vital City is a start-up enterprise in the process of developing its systems and infrastructure.  We are looking for someone who will be comfortable (and good-humored) working in our dynamic environment, as well as in conceptualizing the work and building a team to carry it out.

To Apply

Please send the following to with “Research Director” in the subject line:

Applicants are strongly encouraged to read Vital City’s publications prior to applying, and especially in preparation of their application materials. 

All applications will be held in strict confidence.

Application period will close on November 28, 2022.

Location: Remote, though residency in New York City is highly desirable. 

Salary range: $120,000-160,000, commensurate with education, experience and location.

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